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At White Tiger Martial Arts we believe that the future lies in the hands of our children. In keeping with that belief, we strive to provide the best training for your children that will not only help them with taekwondo but with life. As with all of our training, it is centered on improving the body and mind at the same time. With in our training program children will learn respect, discipline, and honor along with the physical aspects of martial arts. All training that is done at White Tiger Martial Arts is done in the open and we encourage parents to stay and watch their children as they progress through their classes.

Karate Black Belt
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At White Tiger Martial Arts we understand how hectic today's schedules can be. In keeping with that we provide two types of adult classes:

Adult and Children's Class - this class is designed for both adults and adults with children who are also taking class. This gives you the chance to take class with you children and free up a little more of your schedule.

Adult Class - this class is designed for adults. The class pace is a little more intense. We have a effective weight loss program for adults and teach special breathing techniques for increasing the stamina naturally.


At White Tiger Martial Arts provides mini-classes for women that teach basic self-defense techniques. The self-defense classes teach ways to disable and get away from an attacker. These classes run at various schedules and we are happy to set up classes for groups.

Beginners Tae Kwon Do Lesson
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White Tiger Martial Arts Academy provides training in weapons as you progress through the Taekwondo ranks. The weapons such as Nunchuku, Kumdo(Korean Sword), Long Pole, Short Stick and Cane Techniques are taught according to students' level and progresses through the rest of your training. This technique of Sword is one of the oldest in the world and is very difficult and intense training.

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