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Master Yu is the owner and chief instructor of White Tiger Martial Arts Center.He specializes in the art of Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do.  Master Yu is ranked 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do.  He is certified by and a member of WTF(Kuk Ki Won, World Tae Kwon Do Headquarters in South Korea) and Korea Hap Ki Do Federation. 

    Master Yu is a native of South Korea.  He began training as a child in South Korea while attending school. He started training for both Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do at the age of 7.  Training took place in the school where both Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do was originated.  This school is very different from the other schools that were founded later on by people who created their own forms of Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do.  The training that you receive from South Korea at this particular school, is very extensive and worthwhile.  No one can match their standards to this school, for this school is well known across the world.  Master Yu trained there for 22 years and earned his rank and credibility.  He graduated with the highest honors from this school and received both 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do & Hap Ki Do.  Also, he earned a certificate of Mastery.


    Master Yu earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology, where he graduated with honors.  During the day when he is not teaching martial arts, Master Yu is a mechanical engineer.

Also, on Sundays, he taught Sunday School at Atlanta Presbyterian Church.  While attending Georgia Tech, Master Yu founded Hap Ki Do club.  Master Yu also believes that education is very important, so he sometimes tutors those students who need assistance in school work.  Also those students who were out of control and very hyperactive, he assisted them by using martial arts to help them gain patience, self-control, and self-discipline.  He not only cares about the martial arts but he cares about each student as an individual. 

    Master Yu has extensive training and experience in tournament competitions.  He also presents seminars and many public demonstrations.  He also trained the Dekalb County Police Officers in Atlanta.  Master Yu has achieved much success.

Master Yu: About Us
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